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Q121: I'd like to accept credit card payments for the reservations
Q133: How can I use checkin24-7 to print out invoices?
Q137: How to set up a custom pricing scheme?
Q138: My pricing is complex. Will checkin24-7 work with discounts or seasonal pricing?
Q139: Can I specify different settings for high and low seasons?
Q181: How does Pricing Manager work?
Q183: I'm not using optional or obligatory payment approval modes but I'd still like to let my clients pay online if they wish.
Q190: How can I use vouchers / promotion codes with checkin24-7?
Q191: How do I use advanced conditions in Pricing Manager?
Q193: Why is the sales tax (VAT) not added to the price quoted to the clients?
Q196: Can I set-up different last minute pricing?
Q198: I'd like to keep clients' credit card numbers on file instead of taking an online payment. Is this possible?
Q203: How do I setup my WorldPay account to accept payments for the reservations?
Q212: How do I setup my account to accept payments for the reservations?
Q217: How do I setup my Sage Pay account to accept payments for the reservations?
Q218: How do I setup my MultiSafepay account to accept payments for the reservations?
Q226: How do I setup my MasterCard MiGS account to accept payments for the reservations?
Q227: How do I setup my EBS account to accept payments for the reservations?
Q231: How can I use a payment gateway which is not supported by checkin24-7?
Q234: How can I change the currency of my checkin24-7 site?
Q235: How do I setup my Mercanet account to accept payments for the reservations?
Q236: Why does checkin24-7 ask me to make a payment if I haven't yet had actual reservations?
Q293: How to setup my ConCardis account to accept payments for the reservations?
Q114: Do my customers need to create accounts with checkin24-7 to make a booking?
Q115: I forgot my user name and password
Q120: What are conflicts?
Q122: What is the difference between a moderator, site admin and resource admin?
Q125: How can I be sure the bookings are authentic?
Q129: How can I modify or cancel existing reservations?
Q130: How can I quickly move reservations to a different time or a different resource?
Q131: How can I quickly find an existing reservation?
Q144: How does checkin24-7 handle trusted customers?
Q153: How can I enter recurring reservations (e.g. every Friday between 9am and 10am) into checkin24-7?
Q163: Can I import my bookings into Google calendar, Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCalendar?
Q169: What is reservation status / what is the process the reservations go through?
Q170: How can I enter a booking in the name of a client?
Q180: Can I decide which administrative functions my resource administrators or moderators can access?
Q182: Can I make a resource temporarily invisible (unpublished) to my clients without deleting it?
Q210: Will checkin24-7 work with mobile devices (iPhone, Android)?
Q215: How can I collect client-specific information such as member ID or their birthdate?
Q223: What's meaning of colors assigned to reservations?
Q224: Does checkin24-7 work with agents and can it calculate their commissions?
Q225: How can I delete a resource?
Q257: How can I integrate with
Q285: How can I import reservations using a CSV file?
Q294: How can I integrate Checkin24-7 with my Expedia Partner Central?
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Q116: How can I integrate checkin24-7 with my existing website?
Q150: Can I automate making reservations / retrieving data from existing reservations or make checkin24-7 work together with my other applications through an API?
Q158: How can I get links in search results to point to an existing page on my site with detailed info about a resource?
Q159: I'm trying to use the advanced integration and the checkin24-7 page always redirects me to
Q166: How can I change the look & feel of the checkin24-7 module on my website?
Q167: How do I fill out the checkin24-7 module's parameters?
Q172: How can I display only selected resources in calendar preview?
Q173: I need to have more control over the calendar preview.
Q189: I'd like to display the price in the reservation form in a different area.
Q192: Can I use SSL with checkin24-7?
Q194: Can I filter out resources displayed in the resource list page or change their ordering?
Q199: Can I let my clients reserve multiple resources in a single reservation?
Q200: I'd like to show location of all of my apartments on a map. Is this possible?
Q201: How can I track my reservations in Google Analytics?
Q204: Which tags can I use to represent data specific to reservations?
Q205: Which tags can I use to represent data specific to my resources?
Q206: Which tags can I use to represent data specific to my checkin24-7 site?
Q207: How can I have checkin24-7 print texts in templates conditionally?
Q213: How can I customize checkin24-7 using Javascript in advanced integration?
Q214: Can checkin24-7 integrate with the login system used on my website?
Q219: How can I remove the checkin24-7 logo from my reservation pages?
Q221: Which tags can I use universally, wherever tags are allowed?
Q237: Can I change the styles of the calendar previews?
Q277: I want to change the way the $(reservation_details) tag works