Q214: Can checkin24-7 integrate with the login system used on my website?

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The checkin24-7 modules/plugins downloaded after 10 May 2011 for the following CMSes: joomla, drupal, wordpress, modx, typo3 have a possibility to use the built-in logging system of these CMSes. This can be optionally switched on in module/plugin settings.

When the CMS login is enabled, the reservation form will always display known fields in personal details. The first time a user reserves, it will normally be their email address (or first/last name), and then every time they come back to make a new reservation, all fields will be prefilled if they are logged in. You may also use special tags in your templates to take advantage of the login feature: $(is_user_logged_in) and $(logged_in_reservation_list_url). The first one can be used to conditially output a different content in case a user is logged in and the second one is a URL of a special page where a logged in client can see and manage all their reservations made in the past. If you want to add a link to this page outside of the checkin24-7 templates, you can simply link to the page which contains the checkin24-7 plugin with the ?mode=reservation_list URL parameter.

With the login enabled, you can also use another login-related feature, in resource properties you can select the option Only users who are logged in can make reservations. Doing this will force users to first log into your website and then make reservations.