Q176: How does integration with Google Calendar and Google Docs work?

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checkin24-7 allows integration with Google calendar using two technologies: iCal feeds (see more here) or you can allow checkin24-7 to update your Google calendar directly. The second method is much better because the new reservations appear in your Google calendar immediately, while iCal feeds are updated by Google only once every 4-6 hours (this is controlled internally by Google).

You only need to initiate the integration once, by going to Site settings / Google Calendar & Docs. Once the integration is initiated, you can set the calendar to be used by checkin24-7. We recommend you don't use your default calendar, but that you create a separate one, just for checkin24-7. This way you'll easily distinguish your normal events from the ones from checkin24-7.

Please note that you can also set up importing of events from Google calendar using the Google Calendar Import extension available for purchase in the checkin24-7 store. This way you can make any period unavailable for reservation using the UI of Google Calendar (or other applications which interface with Google Calendar). Such events will be visible in checkin24-7 as special vacations.

Here you can also tell checkin24-7 to upload daily, weekly or monthly reports into your Google Docs account. The reports will be visible in form of spreadsheets containing all data entered during the reservation or in form of PDF documents (depending on your choice).

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