Q144: How does checkin24-7 handle trusted customers?

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There are three ways you can set up your checkin24-7 site if your business has a group of trusted customers:
  • If you only want to allow a small group of customers to make bookings (e.g. you have a driver's ed school and know your students), you can assign passwords (either the same one for all or unique) to users and require the password to enter a booking -- in this case set 'reservation approval' in resource settings to PASSWORD.
  • In resource settings you can decide to only take bookings from customers who are logged in. If using advanced integration you may have an existing mechanism in place which only gives a login to trusted users. By integrating checkin24-7 with your website's login you can prevent users who are not logged in from making reservations.
  • If you want to accept bookings from both new and trusted customers, you can mark the trusted users as pre-approved. You can do this is many places, including reservation or user details or site settings / banned and pre-approved users. Reservations of pre-approved users are always confirmed immediately and automatically, even if you require obligatory payments (in such case the pre-approved users don't need to pay anything).
  • If you want the price to depend on the customer, for example member rate vs non-member rate, you can add a pricing manager rule custom property (user) to change the price depending on any customer user property such as membership status. You'll first need to create a custom user property in Site settings / custom user properties and potentially connect this with a reservation form item. Please see Q215 for more info about this process.