Q233: Can reservation form items be updated automatically based on other items?

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Yes, in the reservation form layout window, at the bottom you'll see a button called Automatic updates of form items. This will take you to a page which lets you define rules which will update reservation form fields automatically, based on other reservation form items. Here's a typical example for when this might be needed:

You take bookings for specific time slots which are of different durations, e.g. mornings (9am-12am), afternoons (2pm-6pm) or whole day (9am-6pm). You could normally give the customer a choice of start time (9am or 2pm) and duration (3 hours, 4 hours or 7 hours) -- this configuration must be done in resource settings. This would be however confusing for the customer to know which duration can be used with which start time. This is where the automatic updates feature is very useful. Based on existing fields (start time and duration), we can define a new drop-down field called e.g. appointment time with the following values: morning, afternoon and whole day. Then, we must go to the automatic updates page and specify the following rules:

Trigger itemTrigger valueDependent itemDependent value
Appointment timemorningStart time9am
Appointment timemorningDuration3 hours
Appointment timeafternoonStart time2pm
Appointment timeafternoonDuration4 hours
Appointment timewhole dayStart time9am
Appointment timewhole dayDuration7 hours

Now, you can also hide the original fields (start time and duration) and let the user make a choice of both duration and the start time using a single drop-down choice. The other two fields will be updated automatically using javascript.

Please note that you can also specify multiple values in trigger value by listing them separated by comma (e.g. A, B, C), using the greater-than and less-than characters (e.g. <10) or numeric ranges (e.g. from 8 to 12).