Q135: What is resource sharing?

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This allows different customers to share the same resource at the same time. There are three models you can use:
  • sharing is disabled (use in most cases) -- this will let only one customer reserve given resource at one time
  • allowed -- it's up to the customer to decide whether other customers can share the resource with them or if they wish to use the resource exclusively. An example where this can be used is a shuttle bus rental which normally would also take other customers but sometimes a customer may wish to use the entire shuttle van exclusively. In pricing manager you can specify a rule which would update the price in such case.
  • always possible -- this forces all customers to share the resource with the others. This mode should be used whenever you sell tickets or seats or any other kind of resource which is used on per-person basic (including bikes, personal gear, dormitory bed etc.). If you select this option, two things will happen: checkin24-7 will add a new reservation form item Number of persons where the customer can set the number of tickets/seats they wish to reserve. Another change is that by selecting always possible the monthly price in case of Checkin24-7 PRO will be lower (for shared resources checkin24-7 counts the number of resources as a half of the total seats/tickets available).