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If you don't yet have a website, we'd strongly encourage you NOT to use Wix but instead to either host your website yourself using a CMS such as Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla, or to use a hosted website creator which will allow copying and pasting HTML code WITHOUT creating iframes (a great example would be Weebly or Jimdo, both of which we recommend). This way the integration with Checkin24-7 will be much easier and you will be free to use millions of code widgets available on the internet without being limited to preselected apps. As many articles on the internet prove, hosting your website or choosing a website creator which allows you to work with any HTML code widget will in the end cost you less money and will give you more possibilities. If, however, you'd like to integrate Checkin24-7 with Wix, you have two choices: Use simple integration: embed widgets such as the calendar preview or the 'Make reservation' buttons on your Wix page. The customer will then finish the reservation process on Checkin24-7.com and will go back to your Wix website when finished Use advanced integration but WITHOUT any widgets. The copy&paste of HTML code integration method will work with Wix and will allow the reservation process to start with either a search form, or resource listing, or the reservation form directly and will allow the customer to go through all the steps of the reservation process but you cannot connect external widgets to this advanced integration because Wix doesn't allow you to embed HTML code directly into your Wix pages. Wix always inserts your custom HTML into an iframe.