Q293: How to setup my ConCardis account to accept payments for the reservations?

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For general information about accepting payments in Checkin24-7, see Q121: I'd like to accept credit card payments for the reservations.

To get started, in your ConCardis account backend you'll need to go to Configuration / Technical Information / Data and Origin verification and enter a SHA-IN test phrase which you'll later need to enter in Checkin24-7. Then, on the Transaction feedback page, you should do the following:

  • select I would like to receive transaction feedback parameters on the redirection URLs
  • It's also recommended to set Direct HTTP server-to-server request to Always online and enter the following URL: https://checkin24-7.com/payment-concardis-ipn.php in the two URL fields for the different payment statuses
  • HTTP request for status changes should be changed to for each offline status change and again the same URL should be set: https://checkin24-7.com/payment-concardis-ipn.php

The SHA-OUT pass phrase can be set to anything you like, we use a different security mechanism so this is not used by Checkin24-7.

In Global security parameters make sure that the hash algorithm is set to SHA-1 (this is the default value).

When done configuring your ConCardis account, you need to go to your Checkin24-7 site settings and select ConCardis in the Payment processing site option in Settings / Online payments.
You'll then need to enter your ConCardis PSPID and SHA-IN phrase separated with a slash. If you're using a test ConCardis account, you must add another slash and then the word Test.

Example for production account: MyAcct / MySHAIN123456789
Example for test account: MyAcct / MySHAIN123456789 / Test