Q222: Is there a possibility to have checkin24-7 notify my server programatically when an event occurs?

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Yes, you can specify a callback URL so your server will be notified e.g. when a new reservation is entered. You can set up callback URLs on the Notifications Callbacks page.

Here you can assign each of the events a different callback url. If you don't want to be notified of a certain event simply leave the related field empty. The callback url can also contain query parameters, e.g. http://www.yourwebsite.com?param1=value1

When a callback is called, a set of useful data related to given reservation is additionally sent as POST parameters. See the following table for detailed description of each parameter:

Parameter nameDescription
notification_typeType of the notification that triggered the callback. This can be one of the following:
new_verified_reservation - new reservation with verified email address,
reservation_confirmed - reservation confirmed by admin,
reservation_admin_canceled - reservation cancelled by admin,
reservation_user_canceled - reservation cancelled by client,
reservation_admin_modified - reservation modified by admin,
reservation_auto_canceled - reservation automatically cancelled,
reservation_payment_received - online payment received,
reservation_user_modified - reservation modified by client,
reservation_products_user_modified - additional products of reservation modified by client,
checked_in - reservation status changed to checked-in,
checked_out - reservation status changed to checked-out,
hourly - hourly notification.
reservationID of the reservation.
resourceID of the resource to be rented.
resource_namename of the resource to be rented.
siteID of the checkin24-7 site.
startStart time (sent as timestamp, that is the number of seconds since January 1 1970 00:00:00).
endEnd time (sent as timestamp).
userID of the user reserving the resource.
countNumber of resources being reserved.
creation_dateCreation time of the reservation.
statusStatus of the reservation. See this page for the description of the status value.
currencyCurrency of the reservation.
price_quotedRate quoted for the reservation.
discountDiscount applied through a voucher.
price_no_discountOriginal price (without taking under consideration the voucher used, if any).
amount_paidAmount paid already.
amount_outstandingAmount left to be paid.
cart_idID of a cart, if using shopping cart.
payment_amountUsed only with reservation_payment_received notification; amount of the payment.

The script also receives all additional reservation data (depending on which data is specified for given resource). For example, if you added to the reservation form a check box 'Airport transfer' it would be passed as the parameter 'Airport_transfer'. Note that space and other non-alphanumerical characters are replaced with underscore. Checkboxes, if selected, will have the value: on (no value otherwise).