Q178: How and when are the commissions in PRO-COMM account type calculated?

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In PRO-COMM accounts there is no subscription fee but checkin24-7 charges 5% of the price shown to the user when making the reservation. The minimum commission is EUR 0.60 for the first 100 reservations in given month, then EUR 0.50. The reservations that you as the administrator enter into the system are free of charge(*). In order to be able to use the PRO-COMM account you need to allow your customers to make online bookings (so the reservation form must be clearly accessible from your website), plus you must define pricing so that checkin24-7 has a base for calculating the commission.

The commission is deducted from your account credits immediately upon entering a new reservation by your client. Please note that if you run out of credits, you get an email and then have 2 weeks to recharge your account.

If at a later time the client cancels their reservation, the commission is refunded (added back to your credits). If you, as the administrator, cancel user's reservation, the commission is refunded if the cancellation was made before rental's beginning and only if you allow checkin24-7 to send cancel notifications to the end customers.

If, after using checkin24-7 for a while, you'd like to switch to the monthly fee-based checkin24-7 PRO, you can always do so in the My Account tab, where you can also add credits to your account and see all charges on your account.

(*) If, after the initial 3 months since the creation of your site, more than 75% of the reservations entered in the previous month have been entered by the administrators, in the month following such month the minimum commission (EUR 0.50 - 0.60; see above) will be charged on admin-entered reservations. This policy will then be re-evaluated after each following month based on the same criterium (75% of admin-entered reservations).