Q161: Is the data entered into checkin24-7 by our users secure?

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Security is very important to us. checkin24-7 uses dedicated servers from different providers with automatic database replication to ensure stability and security of your site and data. In case of an unexpected event, the traffic immediately switches to the second server. We also make multiple daily backups af all data on another independent dedicated server to make sure no data is lost. If you additionally wish to have a backup on your end, you can use the reports to export all data from checkin24-7 in form of a CSV file. You could also use the google calendar export feature to have the data available in your google calendar.

Please note that both the standard and advanced integration will work with SSL (https protocol). In case of advanced integration this is used automatically, for standard integration use https://www.checkin24-7.com instead of http://www.checkin24-7.com when linking to checkin24-7.

Of course we never give away your clients' data to 3rd parties and we never use this data to contact your clients for any reason - the only exception being automated emails sent by your checkin24-7 site -- these notifications are configured by you in your checkin24-7 site's settings. We also do not store (or allow our customers to store) any sensitive data on our servers which could be useful to potential hackers, such as credit card numbers.