Q148: How can I pay for my Checkin24-7 PRO subscription?

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In the admin panel go to the 'My Account' tab / Subscription. checkin24-7 works using the prepayment method: you need to make sure your account balance stays above zero. Once it drops down to zero you receive an email and have 2 weeks to make a payment, at least for the amount required to bring your balance to above zero. Please note that you'll also find a payment button for the amount equal to 12 months (PRO) or EUR 500 (PRO-COMM) which will give you a 5% discount.

There you have three options for the payments:
  • Start a PayPal subscription which will charge your PayPal account every month. The subscription is fully controlled by you (we never take your credit card number) and you can cancel this subscription at any time. Please note that for months without reservations, your PayPal subscription will still work and charge your account but you will see at the bottom of the page that your account's balance is positive. Positive balance can be used for any of your future payments, so if it grows too big, you can stop your PayPal subscription until it drops down to zero again.
  • An alternative is a single credit card or PayPal payment for one or more months. The advantage of this payment method is that if you often have off-season months without any reservations, you don't end up with the positive balance growing larger with time.