Q133: How can I use checkin24-7 to print out invoices?

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Please note that this feature is not available in checkin24-7 FREE.

In order for this to work, you'll need to set up your pricing. You can do this in Site settings / Pricing Manager. You should also set up pricing for your additional resources if you have any. Additional products (also the invisible ones, added by default) will show up on the invoice. If you have extra products with non-standard pricing, such as food bill, you can add such items in details of each reservation. They will also show up on the invoice.

The invoice can be viewed / printed out on the reservation details page (click on any reservation ID in one of the admin panel tabs to get there). You'll find the invoice button at the bottom of the details page. On the invoice page you can download it as PDF and then print it out. You can also attach the invoices automatically to any email sent out by checkin24-7 (in site settings / notification settings for any notification you can select the invoice as an attachment, it can be sent out in your language or in the language used by the customer).

Invoices, as any other content produced by checkin24-7, can be fully customized. You can do this in Site settings / Templates / Inovice Settings. Click Use custom template if you wish have full control over the invoice or you can only add header or footer, logo etc while using the standard invoice look.